• February 02, 2014

AAP In Power, Delhi Set To Become “Powerless”


The Aam Adami Party is now in “power” in Delhi and it seems likely that the city is set to become “powerless” and plunge into darkness soon. A reduction of 50% in electricity tariffs which was one of the major points in the AAP election manifesto has proved to be a total flop. The Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) approved a quarterly power purchase cost adjustment sought by the three power distribution companies for the October-December quarter.

All those gullible Delhites who voted for AAP hoping for a 50% reduction in their power bills from the new government will instead be hit with a double blow — a surcharge hike that will take their monthly payments up and power cuts that could last as long as 10 hours. The hike — 8% for areas fed by BSES Yamuna Power Ltd (BYPL), 6% for BSES Rajdhani Power Ltd and 7% for Tata Power Delhi Distribution Ltd . The hike would reflect in bills starting from February to April.  East and Central parts of Delhi face a blackout risk as state-run NTPC  quashed Delhi govt’s plea not to stop electricity supply to BSES Yamuna Power Ltd for defaulting on payments.

The NTPC was approached to extend the time limit for making the payments but the power generating company decided not to do so. The decision by NTPC was conveyed hours after chief minister Arvind Kejriwal accused BSES discoms of trying to “blackmail” the government by threatening power cuts upto 10 hours a day. Kejriwal even warned them of strict action including possible cancellation of licenses. This hike has again highlighted the fact that the electricity charges are not decided by the govt., but the DERC, a major fact ignored by the Kejriwal led government. The day is not far when AAP’s double standards and gimmickry politics lets to their downfall.

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