• December 16, 2013

Communal Violence Prevention Bill


Our nation is known to be a secular one, tolerant towards all religions. However, lately, the definition of secularism in the nation has changed to minority appeasement. The Congress Party has ruined the culture of our country in course of generating vote banks from the minority section. The entire country is fighting against the issues of corruption.

Citizens of the country are unable to bear the burden of inflation that has escalated beyond control of this complacent government. However, the present government seeks to introduce the Communal Violence Prevention Bill and bring war-like situations in the country. If this bill is passed, it will create a rift between the major religions of the nation.

This bill has been drafted by Sonia Gandhi’s National Advisory Council. This council was established in 2004. There is no provision for such a council in the Constitution of India. Drafting any kind of a law can be only done by the Parliament but this law has been drafted by Sonia Gandhi alone. Sonia Gandhi may be leading the Congress but she does not lead the Constitution nor the Parliament!

This bill has been drafted with a view to stop communal violence. However, after a perusal, it seems that the provisions of the bill can cause turmoil in our peaceful nation. This bill is harmful towards all religions of the nation. This bill needs to be opposed sternly.  Moreover, a precedent needs to be set so that no government, whether the current one or any other in the future draws up a bill of such a destructive nature.

Mr. Narendra Modi justifiably openly opposed the bill in the parliament. He also wrote a letter to the Prime Minister as an appeal to stop the bill from being passed. In this letter Mr. Narendra Modi stated that, this bill will disrupt the peace and harmony of the nation. BJP Vice-President Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi rightly stated that the bill is merely a target to achieve communal vote bank. He also said that Congress boasts brags about its promoting secularism but the provisions of this draft clearly depict the negative and irresponsible mindset of the party. BJP Vice-President Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi added that The Congress Party has always been a professional and traditional generator of vote banks. He also said that Congress has always been trying to divide the nation in the name of secularism and therefore BJP strongly opposes the bill.

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