• December 23, 2013

Making green, greener: that is what I believe in


Born and brought up in the beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh has made me an avid nature lover. Happy or a bad mood, one can always find solace by connecting to nature. Intellectuals all over the world have proved theories of why we need to encourage the green or ecological attitude. Being a political leader, it is a part of my responsibility to make sure that the citizens have a harmonious place to live and grow. This also includes wellbeing of the eco-system.
Though Hamirpur is blessed with nature's beauty, it does not stop me there. Along with my team I engage and encourage in many tree plantation programs. We have started many tree plantation drives with schools, colleges and corporate houses.
I believe in making our green Hamirpur greener. It is our responsibility to not just conserve our natural resources but even safeguard them and moreover enrich them. With each passing day, a huge amount of natural resources are depleted. This makes it all the more important for us to protect our environment. A sound environment provides development from the core. Enriching the nature's bounty will lead to a greater and social and economic benefit.
Children, need to be taught to respect nature at a young age so that the respect for nature grows with them. I am a parent and wish for my child to have a better world to live in. I am sure all parents would second that. Inculcating respect for nature and conserving nature is the right process for it. With rising carbon prints, every step taken in the favor of our nature is beneficial for a lifetime. Generations should have pure air to breathe to have a healthy state of mind. This can happen only if we become the guardians of nature.

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