• December 24, 2013

National shame of corruption and black money


The issue of Black money is not new. Recent times have brought many corrupt practices of UPA to light. Common man of the nation is suffering under the burden of inflation. The matter of unemployment is adding to the public’s grievance. There are many ministers in the UPA who have been accused for corrupt practices. The black money, if used rightly, will contribute greatly for the development of the nation. The money can be very well utilized to develop the rural areas in the nation. This black money is a result of taxes not being utilized where they should. The Taxes collected belongs to the people of the country and therefore need to be put to use for their and the nation’s benefit. It is a known fact that, this same black money is used against our nation during times of war and terror attacks. There have been many debates and discussions on the topic of black money in the parliament. Calling corruption a common occurrence shows the mindset of certain politicians of the opposite party. With all the scams of the government surfacing, they cannot be faced with an excuse that they started before the UPA.
The UPA government has taken action against the wrong doers only after succumbing under the pressure of legal authorities. The government took years to nab the people who have were indulged in corrupt practices. The government is answerable to the citizens of the nation of all the measures that are being taken against those who are corrupt. Black money should be brought back to India and put to rightful use. There are many big names involved in the accumulation of black money overseas. All the members of BJP have given an official statement, that none of them have any stashed accounts of black money. Why hasn’t the UPA followed suit? There has been a lot that is spoken about in case of black money. If the government wants to take an action on the issue, why is it not being taken? There needs to be strong action taken against unaccounted income and wealth both in and out of the country. Many committees were set up to investigate about the scams owing to the uproar in the parliament and among the people of India. The whereabouts and the proceedings and reports of these committees though have not been shared with the house.

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