• February 26, 2014

Telangana and the BJP


The Andhra Pradesh re-organisation bill has been passed by both the houses in parliament paving the way for the creation of Telangana. As soon as President Mukherjee signs the bill, the 29th son of ‘Bharat Mata’ would take birth. We as a party have always believed in the creation of smaller states for the sake of better administration and encourage the aspirations of the local people.
The creation of any state cannot be imposed upon by New Delhi. In the case of Telangana the impression is though the demand was genuine, it was imposed without foresight or proper planning. We were always in favour of creation of Telangana, hence we backed the division but ensured that interests of Seemandhra are not hurt. It was because of the BJP that Seemandhra got a special category status for five years. The Congress was unlikely to have given it to Seemandhra, knowing that they are not going to win a single seat there.
The Congress party has only acted on issues for electoral gains and in this case too would have ignored the plight of Seemandhra. Congress despite assuring Telangana in 2004 didn’t act on it for the last 10 years. Realizing that it was all set to lose Andhra Pradesh in 2014 elections- a state that gave the party its biggest tally among the states in 2009 elections, the party rushed through the process of state formation. The hurry which was shown is something to ponder upon.  Indecision has been an inseparable part of Congress’s DNA.  Successive Congress governments have failed to take timely and progressive decisions.
The question of dividing one of the India’s largest states was done in a hush-hush manner and then announced. Why didn’t the Congress consult all the stakeholders in a proper manner and in turn prevented the loss of lives, destruction of public and private property, bandhs in both the regions of the state – Telangana and Seemandhra. Isn’t this a sort of rioting too?
It is worth recalling, that during the NDA rule, we also created three states. Uttarakhand, Jharkhand and Chattisgarh were states created through consultation and there was immense joy at their announcement. The NDA government assumed power in October 1999 and immediately set the ball rolling for the creating of these three states. These three states became a reality by November 2000. This shows how the BJP has been able to take swift decisions in keeping with the sentiments of people. Come summer 2014, we will be in a position to continue on the path of good governance for a progressive India.

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congress behaved like a dictator in the whole process and is responsible for loss of lives,property and tarnishing of indian image in the world. even internal security of india is at risk . pak soldiers come at their will and returned after beheading indian soldiers. Modi has to be PM for development of india
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