• January 15, 2014

Youth Are the Change Agents for New Politics


Our country is in the midst of a political transition. The urgency amongst people to see a political change is evident. This change will be led by the young and restless across cities and states of India. The future of India and the leadership we want is being debated on streets, tv shows, chai-coffee shops, social media and behind closed doors. This is a debate the country must endure.

Youth comprises 71% of the nation, which amounts to about 84 crore young individuals below the age of 35. Together they are the biggest asset of the nation. However, this ‘asset of the nation’ has got its wings caught up in problems like limited access and affordability to quality education, increasing unemployment and fewer opportunities.
For nearly a decade this government has exploited and systematically looted the nation and filled its coffers with the taxpayer’s hard-earned money. And to top it all they now expect that the nation and its people have ‘short-term-memory loss!’ Truth be told—they have axed their own foot and only helped widened the gap between themselves and the very people who keep them on their bastions of power and position. Infant mortality, poverty, unemployment, illiteracy are weighty issues that the nation needs to tackle. Our nation has had a glorious past. Its present though does not depict that. With high unemployment, corruption, inflation rates and rising prices, the people of the nation are in distress.
Living in such a scenario, it is only natural to see the two extremes of apathy and anger amongst the youth. The suppression of the youth has sowed the seeds of resentment in them. Giving them a listening ear is our bounden duty. They have the energy, the initiative, the drive, the anger that gives them the momentum to bring change. Their ideas abound which the nation could do so well with! To those sitting on the sidelines debating and wondering how change can be brought to the nation— the solution stares us right in the face my friends!

The BJYM wishes to harness the power of the youth, engage and empower them through the BJYM Campus Ambassador Program. Those young individuals who think out-of-the box, debate with conviction and can inspire others to find their voices too will be a part of this new initiative. The BJYM Campus Ambassador Program for students has further given a boost to the New Politics movement.

It has always been a fulfilling experience to meet young minds across India be it in villages or cities, they are all eager for change, a change they wish to lead as equal citizens. I have often at length talked with college students about the three aspects of new politics namely, education, employment and empowerment of the youth. The consequences of unavailability of any of these three have been the main cause of the youth largely feeling neglected and ignored by the nation’s political system.

Understanding the youth, giving them a platform and allowing them to voice their ideas and sentiments is not only something we owe this generation but to all future generations that will walk the holy soil of this our motherland. The nation is rising in new hope and a new way of thinking. It is rising with the youth bearing the torch for a new dawn towards ‘New Politics’!

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