• January 15, 2014

Anurag Thakur’s Vision ‘New Politics For A New India’ Taps Into The Youth Potential Of The Nation

‘New Politics For A New India’ is the new anthem for the youth across the nation today given to them by the dynamic Anurag Thakur—National President, BJYM. There is a sense of urgency among the people of the nation to see a change in the political scenario of India and ‘New Politics’ asserts itself as being just that facilitator which they are looking for.

The core beliefs of New Politics are centered on three elements – Education, Employment and Empowerment. Anurag Thakur sees youth as the vehicles of change, and young men and women across the nation are inspired by his vision, convinced they can truly make a change.
As per Anurag Thakur’s initiative, the aim is to start with making 100% literacy a reality. He believes that a focus on education will not only transform India into a knowledge based economy, but will also create more productive, engaged and aware citizens who will lay the foundations of a New India. Youth of the nation are ambitious and aspire to do something for the nation. New Politics gives them a platform to constructively contribute to achieve an empowered India.

Statistics and analyses prove that national politics are in a state of chaos. Increasing problems of unemployment, inflation, illiteracy have created a feeling of resentment amongst the people of the nation. The larger section of the populace has not only lost hope in politics but has developed an aversion to it.

Youth make up 71% of the nation’s population which equates to 84 crore people. The issues of unemployment and lack of proper education are pulling the youth and the nation down and hampering their progress. With such a large section of the population affected by this crisis, the anguish is unfathomable. Further adding to the suffering is inflation and price rise. 2013 saw a massive price rise in daily commodities. Daily essentials and food items like onions sky-rocketed to almost Rs. 100 per kilo. Poor implementation of policies is only helping to make the rich richer and poor poorer.

Not too long ago, India used to be an educational hub, now there are 563 universities in India and in China there are about 1100. Nearly 90 per cent of India's 84 million adolescents leave school as they approach the 12th grade. Lack of standardized and comprehensive education facilities add to the problem. India just spends 0.1% of the GDP on professional education. Youth, without a decent education, job will certainly be unable to have a successful future.

With ever increasing cases of violence against women, the nation is questioning and reflecting on the reasons in order to look for permanent solutions. The country’s tourism industry too has taken a beating with women’s safety being perceived as a challenge.

These problems must be addressed, the BJYM believes that by imparting values and a good education to the youth you can entrust them with the responsibility of bringing change in the nation.



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