• January 30, 2014

Corporate India Backs Modi’s Decisiveness--Turns Down Kejriwals Anarchist Instability

Buoyed by the electoral success of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), a new breed of supporters have decided to join the AAP bandwagon: India’s corporate bigwigs. Top shot corporate biggies who have worked for multi-national companies such as Infosys Ltd, Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC, Deccan Aviation, Infosys and Apple India Pvt.  have signed up to become members of this new party.

But AAP, which made India’s man on the street so integral to its election campaign that it named itself the Common Man Party in Hindi, seems unfazed by support from some of India’s high flyers. Their arrogance, populist policies and street governance has everyone worried, including the President of India, who termed it as a “populist anarchy”.

The recent protests that brought the heart of the Capital to a standstill had people worried before the World Economic Forum's annual meeting. There are concerns about its populist policies and the dharna that brought the government and the police of a brink of revolt. Cheap power and free water is all very well. But too many subsidies and government doles can distort the economy and take India back to the pre-reforms era of 1991, which would not be a positive message for the world community which is looking to engage with India.

Recent surveys show that the presence of such corporate biggies hardly seems to be making a difference and AAP’s performance seems to be tilting the favor of the Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi who is being seen as pro-business and has an impressive good governance track record behind him. AAP must now worry about how it will deliver beyond dharna politics, India Inc. looks for stability and Arvind Kejriwal is quite the opposite. Reformist agenda is good so long as its constructive, but by the looks of recent events it seems Kejriwals brigade is truly on an anarchist road, how far they will go remains to be seen.



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