• August 28, 2017

IT Standing Committee on Study Tour of Thiruvananthapuram & Bengaluru

The 5-day tour has been organized to review the functioning and progress of various departments that come under the scope of Information Technology.

MP Anurag Thakur, Chairman of the Committee said, “The five day tour will host meetings and discussions with various departments such as Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Department of Posts, Prasar Bharati, etc. to assess progress on implementation of projects and understand the issues prevalent at a local level.”

“Post the tour, the committee will deliberate on issues and progress report of various departments to ensure smooth and timely implementation of the projects proposed and underway.”  

Some of the committee members are Members of Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha and are across party lines. Dr. Anupam Hazra, Dr. Sunil Baliram Gaikwad, Smt. R Vanaroja, Sh. P. Karunakaran, Sh. Harish Dwivedi, Sh. Ramdas Tadas, Sh. Santiuse Kujur are among the members of the tour.



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