• February 24, 2020

Ministry Sets Up 20:20 Model to Boost Laggard Smart Cities

The ministry of housing and urban affairs has come up with a plan to boost smart cities that have lagged in the Smart City Mission. It has devised the 20:20 model so that some cities catch up by the 5th anniversary of the Mission on June 25.

About 100 smart cities have been chosen through a competitive process and they have selected 5,151projects, that cost Rs 2,05,018 crore under the Smart City Mission.

To date, 80% of these projects have been tendered and 60% of them have been grounded or completed. In some cases, the projects have been speedily implemented, but the lowest 20 cities have tendered only 10% of the projects. In a bid to tackle this difference in speed, the ministry has decided to introduce a 100-day challenge. Known as the 20-20 concept, each of the top 20 have been paired with the bottom 20 as “sister cities”.

The top 20 smart cities would sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with a lower ranking sister city. This MoU would be valid for one year and the goal would be to advance the ranking of its sister city by allowing access to technical and financial studies to kickstart lagging projects.  

A senior official of the Ministry said, “Our target is to tender 100% projects by our 5th anniversary. Once the cities handhold each other, the ranking would change and then we would help another 20 in coming up.”



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