• December 18, 2017

MP Anurag Thakur Promotes Child Health

Journalists and MPs batted to raise awareness about Child Health at a cricket match between MP’s XI & Media XI. It was captained by BJP MP Thakur, and was organized by Global Health Strategies (GHS) along with Constitution Club of India (CCI), #Batting4Life in its 4th edition.

The media team beat the MP’s team and won with 208 runs, even though the captain scored 50 runs of 30 balls. He said, “Every child in our country has the right to lead a safe and healthy life and in order to ensure that every child in fully immunized, it is imperative to create heightened awareness regarding vaccine-preventable diseases. In an attempt to do so, Members of Parliament across party lines and members from the media fraternity collaborated to contribute towards this noble cause”.

MP Anurag Thakur has been a leading figure of #Batting4Life since the beginning. He is a Global Fund Champion for spreading awareness about Malaria, TB & HIV AIDS and is highly committed towards the cause of Public Health.



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