• November 01, 2017

MP Thakur Blames Congress Govt For Misguiding Public with False Claims

BJP MP from Hamirpur speaking at several public meetings in Bhoranj, District Hamirpur said, “False claims and false promises is the basis of Congress Government”.

“To ward off the conversation regarding Chief Minister’s corruption cases, he time and again claims that it is Sh. Narendra Modi and Sh. Prem Kumar Dhumal who have got the agencies chasing him for all the corruption cases. Not even once has he ever replied to the allegations against him based on merit. The interesting part is that the enquiry against him was initiated in 2012 when UPA Government was in the center. Thus, the lame claims do not stand any ground and it is only to avoid being questioned on the cases,” remarked MP Anurag Thakur.

“Sh. Virbhadra Singhji has been often heard stating that it is only Congress that has been successful in working towards development. Well the truth is indeed, Congress has been extremely successful in development, however, not of the State but their personal development has been at its peak. This can be gauged from the fact that Vikramaditya Singh’s assets amount to Rs. 84 crore and CM’s 60 lakh worth apples have risen to 6.16 crore. I would urge Chief Minister to share the secret of this exponential increase with our farmers too so that they may apply the formula and gain from the same.”

 “The false claims made by Congress reached its peak, when unemployment allowance was paid only to 16149 youth, which is only 1.79%of the total 9 lakh unemployed youth in the State. This figure of 16149 was being highlighted by Congress to earn political points, however, on realizing that the fraction of the total population being insignificantly low, Congress took a step back and became mute on this topic. This only goes to prove that the basis of Congress Government is false claims and false promises,” he said.



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