• November 06, 2017

MP Thakur: Check Facts Before Going to Media

BJP MP from Hamirpur commented on remarks that were made by Randeep Singh Surjewala about Anurag Thakur and Prem Kumar Dhumal being on bail. He said, “During the past 5 years, Congress spent all their energy to somehow establish cases against me and my family. They got the Vigilance Department of Himachal Pradesh completely entrenched in this and rather making it look as if Vigilance Department was personal property of Sh. Virbhadra Singh. But all their efforts went in vain as they failed to establish even a single case against us and for that matter of fact any BJP leader.”

 “A number of FIR’s too were lodged against me and Sh. Arun Dhumal and Sh. Prem Kumar Dhumal. However, most of the cases after investigations were proved to be wrong and the Hon’ble High Court of India in 4 cases have quashed all of them on merit. In one of the case, it was against me and my brother Arun Dhumal, the vigilance itself closed it and filed cancellation report before the competent court. The case against Sh. Prem Kumar Dhumal was also finally closed under the orders of Hon’ble Supreme Court. In other 2 cases, the matter is pending before the Hon’ble Supreme Court which clearly shows that there was no merit in the allegations of the Congress party and all the cases against us were politically motivated. My humble request to the media is also to take note of these facts before writing against me.”

 “It is also worthwhile to mention that when they could not establish against us they took a concocted complaint from one advocate from Kangra about our properties and initiated inquiry against our family through vigilance bureau. They wrote to all the State Governments asking for our property anywhere in the country but nothing came out. Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal himself addressed a letter to Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Sh. Narendra Modi ji for initiating a CBI inquiry regarding their property along with the properties of all the Chief Ministers of Himachal Pradesh. He further stated that he has nothing to hide and details of all his properties is in the public domain, which is also available even now. If Virbhadra Government finds anything extra to that it can be forfeited in the name of the State Government. The Government could not prove anything. It is also a fact that the complainant has been rewarded with the post of Deputy Advocate General.”



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