• November 04, 2019

NIOT Developing Deep-Sea Mining System for Nation's Mineral Needs

Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu speaking at the National Institute of Ocean Technology’s (NIOT’s) silver jubilee celebrations, said that the institute was working towards developing a deep-sea mining system and other technologies for exploiting the resources of the ocean to meet India's rising mineral needs and increasing its self-sufficiency for the future.

Additionally, the institute was working on almost all aspects of the 6 priority pillars of the Blue Economy: fisheries and aquaculture; renewable ocean energy; seaports and shipping; offshore hydrocarbons and seabed minerals; marine biotechnology, research; and development and tourism

“The development of technologies for the sustainable harvesting of living and non-living resources of the ocean is in line with the Blue Economy policy of the government of India and will empower the nation to be a leader in oceans, just like in space technology,” he added. The Blue Economy also includes intangible economic values such as carbon sequestration, coastal protection, cultural values and biodiversity.

"While playing a sheet anchor role in sustainable management of ocean resources, NIOT must forge partnerships and collaborations across sectors and borders,” VP Naidu said.

NIOT's research includes detailed engineering for creation of sustainable coastal and offshore infrastructure, ocean data collection capability, marine biogeochemistry, marine pollution, oceanography, marine ecology, marine drugs and mariculture technologies.



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