• August 02, 2017

PM Modi “Month of August Has Seen Historic Movements in India”

Prior to the 70th Independence Day, PM Modi referring to the Quit India Movement, urged Indians to drive out problems of communalism, casteism, corruption, terrorism, poverty and dirt from the country by 2022. He asked the people to promise to contribute in some way or the other to initiate a "New India".

In his radio programme, 'Mann Ki Baat', Prime Minister Modi recalled that the Movement was started by Mahatma Gandhi on August 9, 1942. The consequent developments led to the British leaving India and the country getting freedom on August 15,1947.

"Just like five years between 1942 and 1947 became the decisive period, I can see another five-year period from 2017 to 2022 to make a resolve to end the problems of our nation," he said.

"It is 70 years since we got Independence. Governments came and went, systems emerged and developed. Everyone contributed in own way to end the problems, raise employment, remove poverty and make the country progress. Successes were achieved but the expectations were also raised," the prime minister stated.

"If 125 crore people, remembering August 9, 1942, make a pledge on August 15 to contribute something as an individual, as a citizen, as a family person, as a person from a city or a village, as a member of a government department, there will be crores of pledges," PM Modi said.



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