• November 03, 2017

PM Modi: Hill State Needs “Double Engine”, of the Same Party

Ahead of Himachal Pradesh assembly elections, the Prime Minister on Tuesday said that Prem Kumar Dhumal had rich administrative experience and would make a "wonderful CM" once again. Mr. Dhumal who was the chief minister twice, has been spearheading the BJP’s campaign in the state. The BJP will contest the ruling Congress which has already announced chief minister Virbhadra Singh as their candidate.

While at an election rally in the state on Thursday, PM Modi said, “Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh faces serious graft charges, but Congress poll manifesto talks about zero tolerance of corruption”.

Urging the voters to get rid of Congress Mr. Modi said, “A new and an honest government is on the way in Himachal and that would not allow anyone to plunder the resources of this small hill State.”

He warned the people that the State had become a Danav Bhoomi from a Dev Bhoomi (a land of evil from the land of good). Congress had initiated the mining and forest mafias that had looted the natural resources of the State. The drug mafia had corrupted the younger generation and had moved into every house. The tender and transfer mafias had made a lot of money with government patronage and blessings. There were no rules and no laws for these privileged people and they have amassed ill-gotten wealth, he said.

The BJP would continue to fight against corruption and rid one more state of the Congress in its mission of a Congress free country.



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