• March 04, 2019

PM Modi: NDA Govt has Built 1.3 Crore Houses

Speaking at the inauguration of the Construction Technology India-2019 Expo, the Prime Minister announced 'April 2019-March 2020' as Construction-Technology year. 

He said that his government has given a major boost to affordable housing, brought changes in laws for the real estate sector, while developing skills and improving technology for it. The NDA government has constructed 1.3 crore houses as compared to "only 25 lakh" houses built during the previous dispensation. 

"The numbers speak for themselves. This shows how serious we are about our commitment in fulfilling the poor and middle-class people's dream of have a house of their own."

"A house is not just about four walls. It is a place where one gets the power to dream and aspirations are fulfilled. A home is much about dignity and security as it. It always shocks and saddens me that in a nation like ours, several people do not have their own home. We have been working to solve this in the form of the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY). It is my dream that every Indian has a brick house by 2022," PM Modi added.

He stressed on the importance of local innovations in propagating eco-friendly disaster-resilient and energy-efficient constructions. He said the Global Housing Technology Challenge is aimed at introducing best technologies that enable construction of houses in a shorter period with lower cost, that would elevate India's construction ecosystem to international standards.



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