• April 07, 2017

PM Modi Today in Sahebganj in Jharkhand said “Age of Honesty has Started”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated a several projects in Sahebganj in Jharkhand today. “Age of honesty has started in India. A good life can be led even without looting the poor,” he said. He also said the fight against corruption and black money will continue.

Of the several projects inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, multi-modal terminal project on river Ganga is the most important one. PM Modi laid the foundation stone for a four-lane bridge on river Ganga in Sahebganj connecting Bihar and Jharkhand. This bridge will ease the movement of goods and services. “Today we begin work on a big project over the river Ganga, which will link Bihar and Jharkhand. This project will ensure faster development,” PM Modi said. Govindpur-Jamtara-Dumka-Sahebganj Highway and Solar Power Facility, a project on the Sahebganj District Court premises and Sahebganj District Hospital, have also been inaugurated by PM Modi. Modi also laid the foundation stone of a 50,000 litre dairy farm and offered help to it from Gujarat. This is the first time that so many projects have been inaugurated on a single day for the benefit of Santhal region of Jharkhand.

These projects will help in the development of even the poorest people in Santhal region. “Maa Ganga has given a lot to us. Now, Maa Ganga is paving the way for development,” PM added.



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