• January 03, 2020

PM Modi Distributes Rs 12,000 Cr to 6 Cr Farmers

At a function in Karnataka, the Prime Minister disbursed Rs 12,000 crore to six crore beneficiaries under the government scheme, Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Yojana (PMKSY).

“I expect that in the new year, those states which are not associated with the Kisan Samman Yojana will at least become a part of it this year,” he said.

At the event, he awarded the Krishi Karman Award to selected farmers and distributed fishing equipment. Political considerations by the state governments in implementing the PMKSY has caused severe loss to the poor farmers, he added. “Such politics has never strengthened the farmers. Our government understood your (farmers') needs, requirements and your aspirations and accordingly tried to implement the schemes.”

He said his government never saw agriculture in fragments but in its totality. “There was a time when a rupee was rolled out (by the government) for the poor person, only 15 paise would reach him. The middlemen would pocket the remaining 85 paise. Today, whatever money is dispatched from Delhi, the entire amount directly reaches the bank account of the beneficiary.”
He spoke to the audience about the various schemes rolled out by his government to improve the agriculture sector such as completing the pending irrigation schemes, soil health card and 100% neem-coating in urea. Due to the initiatives of the government, agriculture production has gone up, he said.



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