• August 07, 2017

Proposed National Cold Chain Grid to Boost Farmers Income

The Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI ) is building a National Cold Chain Grid so that all food processing centres are linked to cold storages and processing industries. Currently, cold storages exist only in a few states and are mostly used for potatoes.

India, being one of the largest food producers in the world, needs cheap cold storage and cold chains at food producing centres. It is also the 2nd largest producer of fruits and vegetables yet only 2.2% of them are processed.

MoFPI recently sanctioned 101 new integrated Cold Chain Projects for fruits, vegetables, dairy, fish, meat, marine, poultry, ready to eat/ready to cook sectors, distributed across the country. It is predicted that wastage of perishables will be reduced in the agri supply chain, leading to an increase in farmers income and employment opportunities in rural areas. The Cold Chain and Value Addition Infrastructure scheme gives financial support of up to Rs. 10 crores for businesspersons.

The 101, new combined cold chain projects will leverage a total investment of Rs. 3100 crores for building a new infrastructure for the food processing division. The total projected grant-in-aid to be issued to these projects is Rs. 838 crores.



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