• January 24, 2014

The Fading AAP Wave

Yesterday, the CSDS poll on CNN-IBN projected that AAP can bag 4-6 seats in the state of Delhi in the upcoming elections.  The numbers were understandable since the poll was conducted just after the Delhi state elections where AAP made a spectacular debut.
Although it is unlikely that AAP wins those many number of seats come May 2014.

Not only AAP has shown complete disdain for serious governance, it has failed to exhibit the statesmanship one expects from an elected government executive.
The decision-making by the AAP cabinet has been hasty and flippant.

The CM decides on keeping ‘Janta Durbar’ one day and cancels it the next day. He holds a ‘dharna’ claiming to be fighting for police control and police reforms and calls it off on a ‘leave notice’ that was sent to a constable.

He said he would focus on the problems of Delhi state but now he is eager to fight the Lok Sabha elections. If one were to re-wind a bit, we would find such contradictions galore.

Just as Congress has been successful in engineering caste wars and religion wars, AAP is trying to carve out a permanent place in Indian politics by engineering a class war.

Paradoxically speaking, the best thing to happen to Delhi state is that Arvind Kejriwal has become the CM of the state as a result , not only have people begun to realize the lack of statecraft, but also his hunger for constant limelight. One must not forget that good governance is about doing the behind the scenes tasks endlessly which of-course does not suit our attention-seeking CM.

In such a scenario 4-6 seats, then, are just reflecting the momentary glory post election results and would soon turn into a 0-1 figure just the AAP bubble will burst itself.



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