• January 25, 2014

Womens Safety Taken Lightly by AAP

Once again, the question of safety of women in Delhi has been raised. A Danish woman was held at knife point, beaten and gang-raped in the centre of New Delhi’s backpacker district after she asked a group of young men for directions back to her hotel.The 51-year-old tourist was attacked in the early evening near the city’s iconic Connaught Place, police reported, in the latest in a series of gang rapes that have shocked India in recent weeks. Few weeks prior to the incident, a 16-year-old girl who was allegedly twice gang-raped and later murdered in Calcutta called for the High Court to order an inquiry into her killing. A day before a tribal girl was gang raped in front of her entire village community. The most worrying fact about these rapes is the brutality involved. It’s extremely frustrating to see a rise in the number of rape cases that happen in India.  
The AAP leader and Delhi’s Law Minister Somnath Bharti has already ruffled feathers during a press conference he revealed the name of the Danish woman, who was allegedly gang-raped. His only response to all the flak he received for compromising the privacy of an alleged rape victim was a clarification that the revelation had been made ‘accidently’. It was only much later that he acknowledged his mistake saying that he had issued two clarifications in which the victim's name was removed. Much later, Mr Bharti apologized, through the Consulate, to the victim and her family and further vows that he will do everything within the means of Delhi Government to plug the holes for providing secure and safe environment for Delhites and especially for women in Delhi. At a time when such sensitive situations are prevailing in the country, irresponsible and condemnable behaviour adds to the tragedy.



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