• April 12, 2017

‘Work Selflessly. Be Like Hanuman,' says PM Narendra Modi to BJP Lawmakers

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday, which happened to be ‘Hanuman Jayanti’, asked BJP lawmakers to work selflessly and to take initiatives on their own like Lord Hanuman, not waiting for instruction to carry the government's work to the people.

“When Lakshman went into a coma, Hanumanji went to find a cure without any prodding. Similarly, MPs must go ahead without waiting for instructions. They need to carry forward the government's work among the masses,” PM Modi was quoted as saying at a weekly meeting of party MPs, the last this session. PM Modi asked BJP MPs to spread the message on the achievements of BJP-led governments and to volunteer for new tasks. In a lengthy speech, PM Modi described the Budget Session as a winning session as a number of key bills and said there is a positive mood in favour of the Centre. “This is a golden opportunity for us to lift the lives of the poor, the deprived…This is the time for doing more development and reforms,” he was quoted as saying. Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Ananth Kumar said after the meeting, “Modi ji said the budget session was very meaningful and useful. It was a 'Vijay Prapti Satra (Winning session).”

The attendees were also informed about the programme to celebrate the third anniversary of the BJP government in which party members will visit every nook and corner of the country to inform the public of the performance of the Modi government.



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