• August 28, 2019

Namami Gange Project Attracts Attention of Water Experts

At World Water Week, the $4bn Namami Gange project attracted the attention of many water experts from across the world. National mission for clean Ganga director general (NMCG) Rajiv Ranjan Mishra said, “…. the World Water Week conference by Sweden is considered as one of the biggest events across the world where new technologies are showcased and shared for making the water bodies to be contamination free and to find ways to ensure judicious use of water. Going by it we preferred to make our presence felt not only to showcase the worth of the project but to get new technology to further integrate the project.”

Delegations from Canada, UK, South Africa, Sweden and other countries wanted to learn more about the Ganga rejuvenation project and how such a massive water body cleaning project involving over Rs 28,450 crores is shaping up.

Sweden-based researcher Lewis Perry said, “It is heartening to see how such a large water body which was highly dirty is being cleaned and rejuvenated. It is interesting to see how all this happening and such a polluted water body is being refurbished.”

NMCG executive director, (Projects) Ashok Kumar said that through Namami Gange project the unthinkable is being done. The cleaning of Ganga which people were claiming to be an impossible project has already taken shape and in the next three years the water quality will be clean, as has already been showcased at Kumbh at Prayagraj.



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