Act to Transform

While the State of Himachal Pradesh has one of the best literacy rates in the country, however, the landscape is changing and currently the number of enrolments at primary level has reduced significantly. In addition to this the quality of education has deteriorated which is contributing towards lower enrolment rate and large-scale migration.


In view of the same, an initiative called ‘Act to Transform’ has been started as a part of which schools that have majority of students belonging to economically weaker section of the society are being transformed with infrastructural facilities like separate toilets for girls & boys, clean and proper drinking water area, multipurpose sheds and smart classrooms.


In addition to this, workshops on menstrual hygiene, teacher training program, availability of sports infrastructure & equipment’s too are being worked on.


This may sound basic needs but for schools grappling with mere challenges like proper toilets for girls, basic sanitation & hygiene, unavailability of taps for drinking water, initiatives like Act to Transform serve a great deal in ensuring that these basic facilities ensure full attendance of students and rather contribute towards increase in enrollments.


In particular, the focus is being laid on ensuring that the enrollments and retention amongst girls remain high as it is often seen that due to various reasons dropouts amongst girls are significantly high.