Asptal – Sansad Mobile
Swasthya (SMS) Seva

Ensuring healthcare service and accessibility in the remotest
corner across Himachal Pradesh, free of cost by
means of Mobile Medical Units (MMUs)

Sansad Bharat Darshan

An initiative to provide the right kind of exposure and learning experience
to students hailing from Himachal Pradesh who are taken to metro
cities wherein they went to places such as ISRO, NDA

Sansad Star Khel

An initiative to ensure that the young athletes get best of the
platform to showcase their skills alongside ample motivation to
take sports as a career

Shunya Se Shikhar

Providing women with the required training & skill, thereby
ensuring a sustainable livelihood for the women and making them
self-reliant and financially independent.

Act To Transform

Efforts to make smart classes, training & development
interventions for both teachers & students along
with various workshops for students.