Asptal – Sansad Mobile
Swasthya (SMS) Seva

Ensuring accessible health and a healthy society

Over the last five years, India has made remarkable progress in improving access to last-mile healthcare. Innovative and progressive schemes like Ayushman Bharat, have ensured that no one is left behind!


However, at times, given the geographical challenges, this improved access may not reach the people residing in remote locations. Thus, the clarion call to begin Asptal – Sansad Mobile Swasthya (SMS) Seva was given to address issues pertinent to primary healthcare in Hamirpur Parliamentary Constituency, Himachal Pradesh.


Health is a birth right

For strengthening healthcare service in Hamirpur Parliamentary by ensuring service and accessibility in the remotest corner, Asptal – Sansad Mobile Swasthya (SMS) Seva vans travels across 5 districts, 17 assembly constituencies, 800 panchayats and over 5000 villages.


The service that was started in May 2018, offers a host of 40 medical tests such as KFT, Creatinine, Uric Acid, BUN, Sugar, Glucose, etc. As per the requirement to the patients, medicines too are provided, free of cost. Each Mobile Medical Unit is equipped with an experienced team including doctor, nurse, lab technician and driver.



People from all walks of life, age groups and gender have benefitted from Asptal’s service. Asptal has witnessed a host of centurions ranging between 100 to 110 years old who couldn’t recall visiting a doctor in the longest time.

  • Army personnel
  • Daily wage earners
  • Lawyers
  • Farmers
  • Senior Citizens
  • BPL Families
  • Women
  • Children
  • Infants


A significant number of beneficiaries have benefited from this service and owing to this endeavor, Sansad Mobile Swasthya (SMS) Seva has saved close to Rs. 7.10 crore of people’s wealth by covering their consultation cost, testing cost, transportation cost and medicine cost.


The one’s being benefited maximum from this campaign are senior citizens and women, who often find it difficult to travel elsewhere to seek for medical assistance. 65% of beneficiaries at Asptal are women. Asptal is also a key provider of employment to women with 50% of staff being women employees

Advisory Board

Asptal – Sansad Mobile Swasthya (SMS) Seva has an advisory board to get the best advice from the best in the industry. The advisory board has the following members:

  • Dr. Alan Prem Kumar, Principal Associate, Cancer Sciences Institute of Singapore
  • Dr. Vijay Mahajan, MD, Tagore Hospital
  • Dr. Mukesh Joshi, MD, Joshi Hospital
  • Dr. Vivek Bindal, Robotic & Bariatric Surgeon, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital
  • Dr. Mahesh Verma, Director and Principal of Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences – Padma Shri
  • Dr. Harsh Mahajan, Founder Mahajan Imaging – Padma Shri