Ek Se Sreshtha

An initiative to ensure access to quality education and provide holistic development to students from all walks of life

Ek Se Sreshtha is a noble initiative, pledging holistic development to children hailing from economically weaker backgrounds, free of cost, by ensuring classes post school hours, through teachers within their vicinity at the panchayat level, in the Hilly State of Himachal Pradesh.


Since the inception, Ek Se Sreshtha has been working towards ensuring that education is accessible to all through our noble step. So far we have been able to reach:

  • 1000 + students & teachers and counting
  • 70+ panchayats and counting


With Ek Se Sreshtha, our mission is to reach across the length & breadth of the State and democratize education! The work is being done round the clock to ensure that students have access to continuous learning, at the convenience of their doorstep.