Mahila Pahari Sangeet Mahotsav

Traditional culture serves as the bedrock of society, embodying its history, values, and identity. In the modern era, where globalization and technological advancements rapidly change the cultural landscape, preserving and promoting traditional values becomes increasingly crucial. An essential aspect of this endeavor is recognizing and providing a platform for women within these cultural frameworks, a significant step toward fostering women’s empowerment.


Historically, women have played integral roles in preserving and perpetuating cultural traditions, serving as custodians of heritage and guardians of familial values. The Mahila Pahari Sangeet Mahotsav stands as a testament to the recognition of women’s contributions to preserving our rich cultural heritage. This initiative provides a platform for women to showcase their talents and leadership across various realms, reinforcing the significance of their roles in our society.

Mahila Pahari Sangeet Mahotsav has witnessed participation from over 17,000 women, reflecting the community’s strong commitment to preserving cultural values, and across 21 locations, showcasing the depth and variety of our traditional heritage. Women from various age groups came together to celebrate and perpetuate traditional culture, creating a vibrant display of our rich cultural tapestry. This initiative not only highlighted the unique aspects of our heritage but also provided a platform for women to demonstrate their talents and leadership, fostering a more inclusive society. Participants received mementos and certificates, along with cash prizes, acknowledging their contributions and achievements.


This initiative marked the beginning of a new chapter, aimed at embracing the richness of tradition and harnessing its potential for women’s empowerment.