Skill Development

The interventions in the space of Skill Development are being undertaken with intent to provide a direct interface between the candidates and the industry and thus bridging the gap between requirement and aspiration, thereby making the youth/working population industry ready and thus providing a platform for employment and self-employment opportunities.


The skill sets have been shortlisted keeping in mind the interest of women, youth, industry and other relevant factors to cater to the best interest of all the stakeholders involved.


We have also been conscious about sectors that contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to ensure access to all levels of Skill and vocational training for people across backgrounds, thereby resulting in an increase in the number of youth and adults with relevant skills, including technical and vocational skills, for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship.


The specific objective is to:

  • Promote highest quality of training for various job-roles through an exceptional learning environment¬†
  • Develop highly competent professionals committed to advancing care through interdisciplinary practice and dedicated to meaningfully serving society and their profession¬†
  • Develop academic and clinical leadership capabilities in the professionals, which will allow them to function as leaders, researches and scholars who are highly competent, grounded in a sense of inquiry and caring
  • Develop and deliver relevant health professional courses that reflect the evolving needs of society


India is a young nation, with its youth population accounting for 34.8%. Out of the total population, 50% fall below the age of 25. The need of the hour is to provide this youth manpower with skills and abilities to tackle global challenges.


The programme intends to provide training to the youth across sectors, aimed at making them job ready through an employment linked skill-training programme.